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Katch Em While You Kan Tarts
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These are tarts that are not part of our regular line anymore. Some are fragrances that are no longer carried by our supplier. Other times a fragrance doesn't move as quickly as it once did and has to be discontinued. Either way, these are made to the same high quality standards as our regular tarts. Fragrances marked with an asterisk (*) are final quantities and will not be restocked.Each package weighs approx. 3.5 oz. Shapes may vary from those shown. ...

Mini Bite Tarts Mini Bite Tarts | Ks Kreations
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These tarts are highly scented in delicious scents. Tarts weigh approximately 1 oz. each and give off hours of yummy scent in your tart warmer.  Mix and match for a great centerpiece too!!

Tart Cups
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These para-soy wax tarts are a wonderful way to sample our different fragrances. Tarts come in 1.5 ounce polypropylene cups which are great for storing any unused wax.  These give off hours of scent when burned in a proper tart burner.