Fragrances marked by * are exclusive House Blends.

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Dippity Daze* - You'll be dazed and amazed by this wonderful blend of berries, apples, and Serendipity.

Dippity Do Da* - You'll be singing with joy when you melt this wonderful blend of Serendipity, bubble gum, and sweet candies. Yummy!

Donut Shoppe Cafe* - Fresh baked donuts in every variety from chocolate to glazed to jelly filled meld together with the aroma of coffee and other baked delights to get you on your way for the day.

Double Oreo Fluff* - Who doesn't love an Oreo? Add some fluff to this stuff and you won't be able to get enough!

Drakkar (Type) - This is a duplication of the popular men's cologne, and a mix of spices, lavender, citrus, and sandalwood.

Drunken Bliss* - Our Signature Pure Bliss plus Frozen Margarita. OMG good!

Dutch Spice Bread - Straight from the oven this one fills your home with a scrumptious aroma. A Pennsylvania Dutch style spiced sweet bread filled with raisins and a sprinkling of black currants enveloped in traditional baking spices like cinnamon and clove and topped off with caramelized vanilla bean.

Eskimo Kisses - I love this scent! Reminds me of the wintergreen lifesavers I devoured as a child!

Fall Fantasy* - What do you do when you want an amazing Autumn scent, but don’t want the traditional spice of the season? You try this one! Crisp apples and juicy blueberries baked into our famous cookie bread.

Fall Morning* - The perfect way to start the day, with notes of coffee, maple, and sweet potato pie!

Fall Retreat* - Everyone loves the festivities of an Autumn get-together, but sometimes it gets a lil' chilly when you are enjoying the outdoors. Nothing is better than pulling on your favorite sweater, fresh from the dryer, with a whiff of lavender bursting forth, to sit outside and enjoy the red delicious apples and crisp leaf-rich aroma in the air.

Fizzy Cola - POP! FIZZ! AH! Just like popping the top on a nice ice cold bottle of cola, this scent is nice and refreshing. Notes of vanilla and caramel hitch rides on sparkling bubbles of carbonation on their way to delighting your nose and putting a smile on your face.

Fluff Lavender Cake* - Scents of soft Lavender, creamy Birthday Cake, and sweet Magical Fluff make this calming sweet treat a winner!

Forbidden Fantasy Cookie Bread* - Apples, blueberries, and just a touch of magic makes this an extra special combination that will leave you wanting more!

Forbidden Fruit - The tempting, juicy fragrance of fresh green apple, red delicious apple, and pineapple. Only the best of the best apple fragrances make it into our line, so you know this one is a winner!

Fresh Baked Bread - One of the only good things about the weekly early morning trip to the grocery store is the wonderful smells coming from bakery department. This fragrance will blow you away with the savory aroma of bread, just out of the oven.

Fresh Brewed Coffee - The strongest I have ever found. You'll think you just walked into a coffee house when you melt it.

Frosted Pumpkin - A warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting. You will love this pumpkin blend!

Frosted Punkin' Bliss - Frosted Pumpkin meets our signature Pure Bliss! 'Nuff said!

Frozen Margarita - The fresh citrus fragrance of lime and tequila that will have you imagining a tall cool drink on the beach!

Fruitilicious - A luscious fruit and sugar blend very reminiscent of Fruit Loops cereal.

Fruity Bliss* - Our signature Pure Bliss blend loaded with sugary fruits.

Funnel Cake - Funnel cakes are a staple at every fair and carnival in America. You can bring the fair home with this wonderful combination of fried dough, cinnamon, and sugar.

Georgia Peach - Your home will be filled with the smell of peaches right off the vine when you melt this one.

Glazed Jelly Thumbprints* - Buttery fresh baked thumbprint cookies with a dollop of sweet and sugary glazed jelly.

Gourmet Dark Chocolate - If you love dark chocolate as much as I do, you will love this one! Rich, slightly bitter aroma of gourmet dark chocolate. Yummy!!

Grandma's Kitchen - The aroma of rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of fresh ground cinnamon sticks.

Granny's Kornbread - This one is amazing! It will bring back childhood memories of fresh cornbread baking in the oven! Yummy!!

Granny's Sticky Kornbread - Our popular "kornbread" with extra sweetness thrown in!

Grape Soda - A decadent sweet treat! A childhood favorite of mine, this scent is bursting with juicy grapes and fizzy bubbles!

Grapefruit Swirl* - Tart grapefruit combined with creamy vanilla make up this wonderful fragrance.

Great Pumpkin Munch* - Created to pay tribute to one of the best Halloween movies ever, this scent is sure to bring a smile to your face. Crispy, crunchy kettle corn tossed with sweet frosted pumpkin and drizzled with a little chocolate fudge for good measure. This is the most sincere “snack” perfect for waiting to catch a glimpse of the Great Pumpkin himself!

Green Tea & Lemongrass - This bright and natural smelling citrus begins with a top note of orange Valencia, bergamot tea and plum wine. The heart combines jasmine, violet, lavender and orange flowers. The dry down is a clean citrus musk.

Hanky Panky* - Ever had one of those days where you're relaxing at an island spa with the man of your dreams and you're feeling frisky? Neither have we! But, with the tranquil lavender, sweet pink sugar, and creamy coconut notes in this blend, we can all pretend!

Happy Hippie Baby - A floral scent that even non-floral fans will love! A pleasing combination of sandalwood, violets, lavender buds, and creamy vanilla.

Harvest Berry - An explosion of cinnamon blended with fresh cranberries and hints of ginger, anise and clove.

Hawaiian Sandalwood - A wonderful sandalwood fragrance with a sweetness you will love!

Heather's Magical Mocha* - Anyone who knows Heather knows that she LOVES her coffee! And she definitely worked some magic with this signature blend!! Fresh coffee, mint, and hints of chocolate abound! What a wonderful way to start even the dreariest of days!

Holiday Cheer* - The aroma of cedar & fir trees, bayberry, apples, fresh thyme, orange pomanders and juicy bartlett pears will fill the air when this scent melts. It’s a perfect pick for any of your family gatherings.

Hugs & Kisses* - Soothing Lavender, intoxicating Lovespell, red berries, and a kiss of creamy coconut will make you fall head over heels for this comforting blend!

Iced Blackberry Waffle Cakes* - Our warm waffle cakes smothered with sweet frosted blackberries.

Icy Bliss* - Our Signature Pure Bliss mixed with vanilla and mint for an icy goodness.

Irish Coffee Cake* - Aromatic coffee mixed with sweet, flakey & buttery bakery tones, and a splash of bourbon (naturally) come together in this blend that will have you envisioning a roaring fire and roaring laughter ‘round an Irish family table enjoying a rare baked delight.

Island Bliss* - Strawberries, Margarita, and Signature Pure Bliss. Oh la la!

Island Holiday - A invigorating sea breeze blows in the aroma of fresh strawberries, guava, juicy papaya and sweet mango. And for an extra special surprise, it is all wrapped up in a base not of fresh peppermint leaves. An unique way to escape for an Island Holiday!

Island Mojito* - This blend takes our original Mojito and adds a twist of paradise with pineapple and coconut to make it a sweet refreshing drink.

Jam Spritzer Cookies - Just like the yummy cookies with jam in the center.

Jamaican Java* - Creamy coconut blended to perfection with our Jumpin' Java makes this one truly unforgettable coffee experience!

Jammin' Kornbread - Our popular "kornbread" combined with fruity jam.

Jammin' Rock Candy - A true fruity explosion that will rock your world!

Jammin' Sandalwood* - If you aren't an earthy sandalwood lover, never fear. This blend is a dream. A touch of rose and lemon turn this sandalwood from ordinary to extraordinary.

Jasmine Heart - Blooming jasmine mixed with leafy green accents for great floral fragrance that isn't overpowering.

Jelly Donut - What's better than the smell of fresh baked jelly donuts, covered in sweet glaze? Yum!

Jessica's Grasshopper Pie* - Inspired by Jessica's uber love of Grasshopper Pie. You will want to eat this one, but don't. Oreo Cookie, Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cocoa, and Marshmallow. All the ingredients for pure pie heaven.

Jonesin’ for Apples* - Crisp sour apple soda kicked up a notch with a touch of citrus and plenty of fizz.

Jumpin' Java Cookie Bread* - This java will have you jumpin' for joy when you smell hints of sweet coconut, freshly brewed coffee, and our infamous cookie bread!!

Jumpin' Java Fluff* - Holy coffee beans, Batman! Everyone's favorite, Jumpin' Java Cookie Bread, catches a Ka-Pow from Magical Fluff in this dynamic duo! The aromas of percolated coffee, fresh baked cookies, and sweet Magical Fluff team up in this concoction that would give any caped crusader a jolt of energy!

Kaleidoscope* - Pistashio nuts, almond, and creamy custard are paired with our sweet serendipity and a touch of rainbow magic!

Kara's Krazy Kola - Our Fizzy Cola gets teamed up with a touch of lavender in this "pop-tastic" blend!

Karamel Kernals - A great blend of sweet caramel, with popcorn and nuts. Yum!

Kathy's Cranberry Jam* - My very own secret blend, based on a family recipe that has been handed down for generations. This is a family favorite year after year, and I am pleased to now offer it in fragrance form.

Kentucky Bourbon - True to it's name!

Key Lime Cookies* - Our fresh Sugar Cookie with fresh lime infused and then mixed with creamy vanilla pieces. Breathe deep and get transported to the coast of Florida.

Key Lime Pie - Zests of lime, sweet cream, and a fluffy crust await when you melt this one.

Key Lime Poke Cake* - Poke cakes are a great summer treat, and this version with lime will definitely treat your nose.

Kiss Me* - Delicious Vanilla Bean Noel blended with our ooey gooey Toasted Marshmallow and kissed with a touch of sweet Pink Sugar.

Kona Kookies* - A trio of fabulous bakery treats blended with gooey toasted marshmallow and a touch of coconut, making this coffee blend a truly mouth watering combination.

Kornbread Swirl* - Our wonderful Kornbread is sweetened with Vanilla Swirl. Awesome!!

Latte Boy - This scent combines the rich, deep aroma of a coffee house with the masculinity of a subtle cologne.

Lavender Cookie Fluff* - We took one of our favorite desserts, Blue Ribbon Cookies, and whipped it together with sticky, sweet, Magical Fluff... and then, just because we could, added a smidge of lavender to the pot. This is a lavender for those die-hard bakery lovers!!!

Lavender Latte* - This is a coffee and lavender lovers dream! A rush of caffeine combined with a touch of lavender makes this one heavenly cup o'comfort.

Lavender Ribbon Cake* - Soothing Lavender, Blue Ribbon Cookies, and Tres Leche Cake blend their distinct tones to carry you away to a high end spa with 4 star bakery goodies to munch on while your worries melt away.

Leather & Lace - Not for the faint hearted! This unique blend is pure masculine vs. pure feminine with Leather and Lovespell. A true battle of the sexes!!

Leather Chaps - A great leather fragrance. Not at all "plastic", but pure leather!

Lemon Chiffon - A wonderful lemon chiffon fragrance that is very true to the name. Not harsh or cleanser like at all.

Lemon Coconut Cookie Bread* - Lemon and fresh coconut blended with our fabulous cookie bread.

Lemon Marmalade Thumbprints* - Buttery fresh baked thumbprint cookies with a dollop of tangy lemon marmalade.

Lemon Mint Leaf - Fresh tart lemon and a burst of garden mint make this a wonderful clean scent one you must try. A B&BW dupe.

Lemon Noel Cookies* - Lemon cookies with Vanilla Bean Noel.

Lemon Pucker - A wonderfully tart, fresh lemon scent.

Lemon Velvet* - Tart, tangy and downright tantalizing! Smooth, sweet sugar blended with the freshness of just picked lemons brings this blend to life.

Lemonberry Cookie Bread* - Just picked blackberries and a tad of tangy lemon filling make this cookie bread smell like fruit filled sunshine!

Lemonilla Zucchini Bake* - Lemon chiffon and zucchini bread.

Lime Jelly Thumbprints* - Buttery fresh baked thumbprint cookies with a dollop of tart lime jelly.

Lisa's Fluffy Coconut* - Named for the customer who created this blend. In fact, it was ordered so much that I had to try it for myself and add it to the line. Wonderful Magical Fluff and Coconut Cream Pie combine for a sweet treat that is sure to please!

Log Cabin - A weekend retreat for the outdoors-man in everyone!! A warm rustic blend of earthy woods and spices with a fresh burst of pine. If you like the smell of cedar, you will love this one!

Loopy Coco Fluff* - Fruit loops will forever be a favorite of mine. However, when mixed with sweet fluffy coconut it takes it to the next level of loopy goodness in this must try blend.

Loopy Coconut Cookie Bread* - A blend of sweet cookies, fruitilicious with hints of coconut!

Loopy Kornbread* - A fruity version of our popular "kornbread."

Loopy Rose* - If you are a Rose Jam fan, this is one of a kind. Sweet summer fruits with a light rose background makes this a perfect summer scent.

Loopy Swirl* - Fruit Loops mixes with Vanilla Swirl.

Lori's Special Cookie Bread* - This one is an homage to Lori, my good friend, who has developed most of the Cookie Bread blends. She outdid herself with this one and it HAD to become her signature scent. Our famous Cookie Bread is infused with the smell of freshly baked jelly donuts to create the perfect addition to the Cookie Bread line!

Love is Blind* - The sparkling grapefruit and delicate jasmine notes of Lovespell swirl together with the lavender, pink sugar, and creamy coconut goodness of Hanky Panky in this bewitching blend.

Love Shack* - "I got me a car, it's as big as a whale, and we're headed on down to the... LOVE SHACK!" Happy, sweet, and chilled to the max is the best way to describe this scent. Lavender gives this scent a nice relaxed feeling while the sweetness is provided by Magical Fluff. Knock a little louder sugar!

Lovespell (Type) - Dazzling top notes of grapefruit, orange and fresh ozone. Mid notes include melon, apple and kiwi. Nuances of jasmine at the base. A wonderful scent that girls of all ages will love!!!

Luck of the Irish* - Creme de Menthe at it's finest!

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