Scent Descriptions

Afternoon Tea - Refreshing tea with a touch of lemon.

Alex's Rainbow - A special, fruity blend that screams candy and fun!

Apricot - Juicy and delicious!

Apricot Delight - Apricot and Birthday Cake.

Beach Linen - The smell of fresh cotton blowing through your room.

Birthday Cake - Sweet and delicious white cake.

Blue Ribbon Cookies - Luscious cookie fragrance that definitely smells like you have been baking all day.

Caramel Sensations - Very rich, creamy, and gooey!

Caramel Swirl Cake - Caramel Sensations, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Birthday Cake.

Cashmere - A musky fragrance with sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and notes of mandarin and lime.

Chardonnay - The unmistakable bouquet of a premium white wine.

Christmas Eve - A warm sugar cookie, with a hint of spice and pine.

Christmas Magic - The wonder of Christmas - mandarin, green clover, fir, spruce, cardamom and cedar.

Christmas Wish - A unique blend of hints of lemon, orange, cedar wood and pine all nestled in a warm, rich vanilla cookie base.

Coconut Cream Pie – Smells just like the fluffy sweet dessert.

Cornbread - Memories of fresh cornbread baking in the oven! Yummy!!

Cornbread Swirl - Cornbread and Vanilla Swirl.

Cotton Candy – Just like the fair favorite.

Cotton Candy Bliss – Cotton Candy and Pure Bliss.

Cotton Candy Cookies - Cotton Candy and Blue Ribbon Cookies.

Creamy Bliss Bread – Zucchini Bread and Pure Bliss.

Cucumber Melon – Crisp cucumber and sweet melon.

Fluffy Coconut - Magical Fluff and Coconut Cream Pie.

Fluffy Lavender Cake - Lavender, Blue Ribbon Cookies, Magical Fluff, and Birthday Cake.

Fresh Baked Bread - The savory aroma of bread - just out of the oven.

Frostbite - Just like the wintergreen hard candies we love.

Hanky Panky – Lavender, Pink Sugar, Coconut and Magical Fluff.

Kettle Corn – Just like you get at the annual summer/fall fairs.

Kiss Me – Vanilla Bean Noel, Magical Fluff, and Pink Sugar

Kisses & Hugs – Pink Sugar and Cashmere.

Lavender Cookie Fluff – Lavender, Magical Fluff and Blue Ribbon Cookies.

Lemon Mint Leaf - Fresh lemon and a burst of garden mint.

Love Shack – Magical Fluff and Lavender.

Lovespell - Dazzling top notes of grapefruit, orange and fresh ozone.

Magical Birthday Bash - Magical Fluff, Birthday Cake, and Pure Bliss.

Magical Fluff - Just lots of ooey gooey sweet marshmallow fluff!

Muscadine - A yummy explosion of grapes and blackberries.

Pink Beaches – Pink Sugar, Apricot and Beach Linen.

Pink Chiffon - Vanilla chiffon icing combined with pretty soft pink flower petals.

Pink Italian Meringue – Pink Sugar, Magical Fluff, and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Pink Paradise Cookies – Pink Sugar, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Blue Ribbon Cookies.

Pink Sugar - A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks.

Pink Vanilla Paradise – Vanilla Bean Noel and Pink Sugar

Pink Zinfandel – Pink Sugar and White Zinfandel.

Pure Bliss - A Signature Blend! Hints of pink sugar are blended with various vanilla oils to create an ooey gooey sweetness.

Pure Christmas - Fresh pine and minty candy canes will fill your home with happy Christmas thoughts.

Rainbow Confetti Cake - Alex's Rainbow and Birthday Cake.

Rainbow Spritzer – Alex's Rainbow and White Zinfandel.

Rainbow Tea – Alex's Rainbow and Afternoon Tea.

Rose Jam - A dupe of the popular Lush fragrance.

Sangria - This is an exclusive blend that is an amazing mixture of fresh fruits and wine.

Satin Sheets - Sweet and powdery, this one is purely heaven.

Soothing Lavender - A dreamy blend of soft lavender and comforting chamomile come together to calm your mind and ease your worries.

South Pacific Cookies – Coconut Cream Pie and Blue Ribbon Cookies.

Southern Tea – Afternoon Tea and Lemon Mint Leaf.

Sugar Cookie - A nice and rich sugar cookie fragrance.

Sugar Corn Pudding - Notes of fresh corn, butter, creamy milk and sugar.

Sweet Moscato – Chardonnay and Lovespell.

Texas Tarragon - A fresh and uplifting scent.  Fennel, basil, magnolia, cumin tarragon tea, lily of the valley.

Tidal Wave – A deep breath of fresh sea salt air.

Toasted Cookies - Blue Ribbon Cookies, Birthday Cake, and Magical Fluff.

Vanilla Bean Cookies – Vanilla Bean Noel and Blue Ribbon Cookies.

Vanilla Bean Noel - The aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies with buttercream frosting.

Vanilla Swirl – Very Vanilla and Coconut Cream Pie.

Velvet Chiffon Noel - Velvet Sugar, Pink Chiffon, and Vanilla Bean Noel.

Velvet Sugar - A luxurious blend of red velvet cream paired with luscious golden plum.

Very Vanilla - Hand's down, THE best vanilla out there!

Warm Vanilla Sugar - Sweet musk and vanilla.

White Chocolate - A rich and creamy white chocolate.

White Zinfandel - A grape wine drying to a sweet musk.

Zucchini Bread - A creamy and delicious autumn favorite dessert.