Welcome! I'm Kathy Newman Turza (the "K" in K's Kreations) and I live outside Fort Worth, TX.  Doing crafts has always been a source of both relaxation and satisfaction for me. Be it quilting, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, or one of my greatest loves, candle making, I treasure the feeling of making something beautiful to share with others. There is nothing greater to me than to give homemade gifts from the heart.

I'm very proud of the candles and tarts I produce. Each one is made here, in my home, from raw wax to finished product. Every step of the process is done by me, from sourcing though packaging and shipping. I have worked hard to come up with what I believe is a superior product that I sell to you. I've been producing and selling my candles and tarts since 2002, and constantly am working to improve my product. My name and reputation depends on it!
Life is a precious gift and, unfortunately, very short, so we must enjoy every minute and learn as much as we can, and share that knowledge, in the time we are here.

Thanks for visiting, and come back often to see our new fragrance, styles, and "kreations!"