Fragrances marked by * are exclusive House Blends.

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Magical Berry Cake* - Did you know that magic has been around as long as man himself? Scientists have traced it all the way back to drawings by cavemen!! We worked a bit of magic ourselves with this blend of wildberries, marshmallow, and cake. Yummy!!!

Magical Christmas - The wonder of Christmas - mandarin, green clover, fir needle, sparkling spruce, cardamom and cedar bark with bottom notes of guaiacwood, precious woods and allspice.

Magical Fluff - This one is wonderful! Just lots of ooey gooey sweet marshmallow fluff!

Magical Spun Sugar* - If you love all things sweet and sticky, you will love this blend of spun sugar mixed magically together with fluffy cake!

Mancave - Another great fragrance for the man in your life! Chocolate and Leather combine for a truly unique fragrance.

Mandarin Coconut - Fresh mandarin with hints of sweet coconut.

Mandarin Marmalade Thumbprints* - Buttery fresh baked thumbprint cookies with a dollop of tangy mandarin marmalade.

Mango Cookie Fluff* - A luscious blend of fluffy marshmallow and mangoes wrapped up in a butter cookie. Yum!

Mango Sangria* - Spring has sprung and who doesn't love an icy glass of sangria? Sweet mango makes this one pop!

Mango Sorbet - The refreshing scent of fresh, ripe mango.

Manic Margarita* - Our famous Margarita topped off with fresh, sweet orange and lemon slices. The perfect cocktail for those hot days of summer!

Maple Sugar - It’s East meets West in this awesome scent. Pure Vermont Maple Sugar melts together with Creamy California Butter to produce a rich, warm scent with prominent notes of each.

Maple Toffee Bread* - Sometimes you just want a li'l treat that's comforting and yummy, and to forget about the calories. This scent will do that for you. Fresh baked bread with bits of toffee swirled through it, sprinkled with warm maple sugar, and drizzled with a sweet marshmallow glaze.

Michigan Marble Cake* - This delectable, customer inspired, blend has mile high layers of sweet, melt in your mouth, white cake, layered with Vanilla Bean Noel and sticky, sweet, gooey caramel icing!

Midsummer's Night - Mystical yet masculine, powerful and energizing scent that will entice women and men alike. Yankee dupe.

Minty Fluff* - Peppermint and Magical Fluff combined in this sweet treat!

Minty Fluff Cookies* - Blue Ribbon Cookies are even better with fluffy mint!

Miss Scarlett's Cookie Bread* - Miss Scarlett is sure to please even those with the most discriminating nose! Fresh baked cookies, sweet serendipity, and a touch of red berries make this one blend you won't forget!

Mistletoe Magic - Balsam, holly and mistletoe with a blend of holiday spice to add some Christmas magic!

Mojito - The classic rum drink comes to life in this great scent.

Mom's Maple Kornbread - OMG!! Maple syrup adds such a great twist to this "kornbread" blend!

Muscadine - A yummy explosion of grapes and blackberries.

Nana's Cinnamon Toast - Rich and creamy, with hints of butter and cinnamon make you think there is freshly made cinnamon toast in your house.

New Hampshire Cookie Bread - A blend of romance and smooth chocolate, intermingled with our decadent cookie bread.

New Year's Toast - Consider this "the hair of the dog." Sparkling champage and orange juice is the perfect New Year's Day toast!

Nick's Flippin' Flapjacks* - I wish I had a nickel for every morning Nick requested pancakes for breakfast before school. I'd definitely be retired by now! Rich buttermilk pancakes, drizzled with butter and maple syrup. The breakfast of sweet memories!

Nilla Sugared Poundcake* - Paw's Poundcake just got taken up a notch. All the wonderful aromas of poundcake blended with the raspberry, cotton candy, and lemon hints in the pink sugar are tied together with the vanilla.

Oakmoss & Amber - A wonderful earthy scent that is perfect for both men and women. You'll think you are at a spa with this blend of oakmoss, amber, and musk. Heavenly!

Oktober Donuts* - Local donut shops whip up yummy treats annually when pumpkin lovers start craving their fix. This unique blend brings to life a warm moist pumpkin donuts, with bits of chocolate stirred in and a gooey glaze on top.

Orange Cranberry Surprise - A wonderful fresh blend of juicy ripened oranges and sweet cranberries. All fruit and no spice!

Orange Dreamsicle* - Juicy oranges combine with sweet vanilla ice cream to create this fun summer treat.

Orange Pop - A little something for the kid in all of us! This fragrance is an orange and fizz explosion of fun!!

Orange Sunshine - Who doesn't love the smell of freshly squeezed orange juice? I sure do!

Oreo Cookie - Grab a big glass of milk for this one! You will feel like you are trapped in a bag of these age old favorite cookies!

Over the Rainbow* - Alex's Rainbow, sweet cookie, and hints of strawberries shine through in this fantastic new blend that will have you wanting more!

Patch Pastry* - Let the heavenly aroma of a rich, crunchy, sugar cookie crust topped with gooey buttery pound cake that’s been piled high with fresh strawberry buttercream frosting fill the air and bring a smile to your face.

Paw's Pound Cake* - Back when things were simpler, life seemed a little sweeter. A childhood favorite of Paw, this timeless cake never goes out of style. Delectable bakery scent of sweetened, buttery yellow cake with a touch of citrus floating in the air.

PB & J* - A favorite childhood treat, gooey peanut butter and grape jelly will bring back sweet memories.

Peaceful Paradise* - Even the most dedicated baker gets a little stressed out sometimes. Peaceful Paradise is what we imagine their shop must smell like when they need to relax! Cotton Candy and citrus notes play off the distinct aroma of Vanilla Bean Noel, while the powdery tones of lavender dance in the background, giving a peaceful, easy vibe in this scent.

Peach Bellini* - Our version of the very popular adult beverage!

Peach Peppermint Schnapps* - A mix of peaches and peppermint which is divine.

Peanut Butter Cookie - If you like peanut butter cookies as much as I do, then you will love this one. Another of those that will have your family looking for what you've been baking.

Peanut Butter Cookie Bread* - Love cookies? You will think you just stepped into the local bakery shoppe when you smell this one!

Pear Jam Thumbprints* - Buttery fresh baked thumbprint cookies with a dollop of sweet pear jam.

Pear-fect in Paris - A true love affair! Juicy Bartlett Pear mingles with Lovespell to make this scent pure romance!

Peppermint - A wonderfully strong peppermint scent!

Peppermint Bark - Love this one! A nice peppermint with hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Peppermint Kisses* - Sweet peppermint candy dipped into rick dark chocolate makes this the perfect sweet treat!

Perk Up* - This is a coffee blend for the java lover yearning for summer and warmer temps. The unparalleled strength of our Fresh Brewed Coffee gets balanced with a creamy coconut, a sprinkle of Maple Sugar and a swirl of sweet milk, to perk you right up and spread a bit of sunshine.

Pickin' Punkins* - Wind-blown leaves with dashes of a cedar and pine bouquet blended with the essential Fall aroma of creamy baked pumpkin swirled with cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla come together in this unique scent. It’s sure to remind of the annual trip to the pumpkin patch for sure!

Pineapple Nectar - Not your typical pineapple scent. Pineapple Nectar is a juicy, tart and yet still sweet aroma. Perfect for the pineapple lover that likes a little sugariness to their fruity delight.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake* - You won't need a cast iron skillet for this pineapple upside down cake! With this blend of Pineapple and yummy cake you will for sure be craving this sweet treat though!

Pink Beaches* - Pink sugared beaches and hints of fresh apricot.

Pink Bliss* - If you love our Pure Bliss blend, what could be better than adding sweet, pink sugar? Need I say more?

Pink Blueberry Swirl* - Fresh, sweet blueberries and hints of coconut and Pink sugar make this one sweet treat!

Pink Chiffon - A B&BW dupe. Fun, flirty and feminine fabulousness! Vanilla chiffon icing combined with pretty soft pink flower petals make this light and unique scent simply unforgettable.

Pink Coconut Pumpkins* - Sweet coconut and a touch of pink sugar dances with the spices in the great punkin' patch.

Pink Italian Meringue* - In Italy they make meringue cookies by boiling sugar syrup and whipping it with egg whites, giving the treats a fluffy marshmallow consistency. We took a cue from our Mediterranean friends and combined fluffy, sweet marshmallow with vanilla infused sugar and sprinkled the cotton candy goodness of pink sugar over the top of it all.

Pink Paradise Cookie Bread* - Pink Sugar, Vanilla Bean Noel, and cookies.

Pink Pacific Cookie Bread* - Your lips will be smackin' when you get a whiff of this sweet, sugared, coconut delight.

Pink Sugar - Aquolina Pink Sugar duplication. A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks. Simply delicious!

Pink Vanilla Paradise* - Our take on a blend of Pink Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel. Definitely paradise.

Pink Zinfandel* - A wonderful blend of Pink Sugar and White Zinfandel. Takes the wine to a new level!

Pistachio Cookie Bread Pudding* - If you love pistachio, you will fall head over heels for this sweet treat. Hints of sweet coconut and cookie bread make this blend a dreamy delight!

Pistachio Pudding Cake - This one is a best seller! The powerful aroma of pistachio nuts, almond, honey, and rich, creamy vanilla custard.

Plumeria - A B&BW type scent. A sweet floral combination of jasmine, lilac, rose, and lily of the valley with light fruity notes of peach, lemon, lime, and tart green apple.

Pom Bliss Cookie Bread* - Pomegranate meets two signature blends: Pure Bliss and Cookie Bread. Yum!

Pomegranate - The wonderful fragrance of a freshly picked pomegranate.

Pomegranate Carousel Cake* - Juicy pomegranate and carousel cake is a confection straight from heaven. What a sweet and dreamy treat!

Pucker Up Cookie Bread* - Mix our famous cookie bread with a touch of tangy lemon and you have nothing but pure satisfaction.

Puckered Bliss* - Our Signature Pure Bliss blend is combined with lemon for a sweet lemon scent.

Pumpkin Butta' Fudge - A pumpkin blend for those who don't like their pumpkin overly spicy. Very reminiscent of the old Pumpkin Slices desert treat. Sweet and creamy pumpkin on a layer of sugared graham crackers, like you would find at your local bakery every Fall. Yum!!

Pumpkin Caramel Cafe* - Cool weather and cozy sweaters call for sweet and spicy Fall flavors. Fresh roasted coffee beans, rich butter caramel, and creamy pumpkin spice make this Fall fave a delight!

Pumpkin Cider Donuts* - Fresh, piping hot pumpkin donuts with a warm apple cider glaze. The unmistakable aromas of fall mingle in this tasty bakery scent.

Pumpkin Coconut Cookies* - You are going to adore these new cookies! Pumpkin goes with everything and it is even better paired with coconut. You will "Fall" head over heels in love with this new scent.

Pumpkin Cream Pie* - A wonderful pumpkin fragrance sweetened even more with our Coconut Cream Pie. You will want to eat this one!

Pumpkin Crunch Cake - Oh, you're gonna love this one! The sweet smell of creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich eagle brand milk; surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice.

Pumpkin House Cafe* - Everyone's favorite time of year is when the seasonal coffee creamers are released. Now you don't have to wait for the pumpkin. This coffee blend will satisfy your craving for the annual fall treat!

Pumpkin Pie Spice - The aroma of sweet cream pumpkin, complimented with nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger; rounded out with buttery vanilla notes.

Pumpkin Souffle - Pumpkin, sugar, butter, spices... Oh my!

Punkin-Crannini Bread* - Surprisingly tart and fresh while being warm and delicious, you can't go wrong with adding a little cranberry jam to your pumpkin zuchinni bread.

Pure Bliss** - A Signature Blend! Hints of Pink Sugar are blended with various vanilla oils to create an ooey gooey sweetness that is sure to please!

Pure Christmas - Nothing says Christmas better than this one. Fresh pine and minty candy canes will fill your home with happy Christmas thoughts.

Pure Strawberry - Nothing else needs to be said on this one. Smells like freshly picked strawberries!

Purple Rain* - Inspired by the Prince lyrics to the song by the same name, this calming blend of tranquil lavender and ocean air will leave you smiling in the purple rain.

Purple Skies* - Lavender, pink chiffon, and the fresh smell of the beach will leave you relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Rainbow Bliss* - Two of our favorite blends become one fantastic fragrance!

Rainbow Confetti Cake* - You will find yourself over the rainbow with sweet, rich, white cake and delicate pieces of candy confetti sprinkled throughout, make this one heavenly delight!

Rainbow Cookie Bread* - Our favorite blend, Alex's Rainbow, meets sweet cookie bread for the first time! It is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Rainbow Dippity* - Sweet creamy vanilla, luscious cherry, citrus, and coconut blended to fruity perfection with our signature scent, Alex's Rainbow.

Rainbow Fudge* - Who doesn't love sweet citrus candy intertwined with chocolate fudge?

Rainbow Satsuma* - Fresh, fruity, and vibrant! Just a dab will do ya with this super citrus explosion! Super strong and long lasting!!

Rainbow Spritzer* - A wonderful treat for a summer evening on the patio, this blend of Alex's Rainbow and white wine will make you wish you could drink this one!

Rainbow Tea* - A nice glass of cold tea is a summer favorite of many. We've kicked it up a notch and added the fruity goodness of Alex's Rainbow. Yum!!

Raspberry Beret* - In honor of the late Prince, this sweet and tart raspberry sorbet beats anything you’d find in a second hand store.

Raspberry Jam Thumbprints* - Buttery fresh baked thumbprint cookies with a dollop of sweet raspberry jam.

Raspberry Zinger - Ever eaten a Hostess Raspberry Cream filled Zinger? This wonderful creative scent will remind you of the real thing with sweet raspberry and toasted coconut, buttercream frosting, and freshly baked yellow sponge cake.

Rays of Sunshine - Juicy fresh peaches and tangy tangerines under a sunny summer sky. Simple, sweet…beautiful.

Red Rainbow Fluff* - Our famous blend of Alex's Rainbow once again stars in the spectacularly sweet and creamy blend of strawberries, vanilla bean, and the sweetest marshmallow in the land.

Red Rainbow Noel* - A perfect scent for Vanilla Bean Noel lovers, where fresh red berries meet at the end of the rainbow, making this one intoxicating bakery lover's dream!

Red Velvet Cake - The delectable aroma of freshly baked red velvet cake. This fragrance begins with top notes of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup, and red currant; followed by middle notes of cocoa powder, buttermilk, and sugar cane; while sitting on base notes of creamy sandalwood, Tonka bean, and vanilla extract.

Reindeer & Rainbows* - This is the happiest holiday scent this side of the North Pole! Alex's Rainbow is combined with Christmas trees and magical fluff. Pure joy!

Roastin' Marshmallows* - This blend takes Bonfire Nights to the next level when mixed with our sweet Magical Fluff. A special treat for those cold winter nights!

Rise and Shine - Sweet maple, coffee, and a touch of bakery make this pure perfection!

Rootbeer Float* - The refreshing scent of carbonated rootbeer is combined with vanilla ice cream to create the perfect decadent treat for kids of all ages!

Rosejam (Type) - A dupe of the popular Lush fragrance.

Ruby Red Grapefruit - Juicy and sweet ruby red grapefruit aroma. Very true to its name and very strong!

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